Origami Object

The story of the Origami Object is a relationship between two people with subtle expressions that seem to have no expression, and objects made of paper.
The relationship between various expressions and emotions is captured in photos. This story continues to explore the relationship between our emotions and objects in the unconscious. All origami objects are folded in a balanced way, either fruit or animal or any shape.Through a simple rule, only one square piece of paper was used to put life for completion. Fruits, animals, or some form of origami are balanced between their arms, belly, and head in the most natural way to show their individual personality unconsciously. Objects made of light-colored thin paper face irregular situations Photographs depict the most natural aspects of the moment. Objects made of thin paper in light warm colors face irregular situations and wait for the most natural appearance of the moment to be depicted in the photos.

Photographer Francesca Ferrari @22n23
Art& styling Layuhl Jang @mandunese / @atmstudio
Model Gao &Mati
Thanks to Carlo

Brands, collection Fall- Winter 2020 2021

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